Marketing & Retail Events Solutions

Let us build your brand the way we do for our clients Car Key Express,
Express Auto Glass Services and many other Fortune 500 companies: A
great solution for your business through event-based marketing! We implement a personal touch in each in-store campaign we execute. In-person direct marketing will always be more effective than billboard ads or radio announcements, it provides an opportunity to build a connection with each consumer, all the while building loyalty and trust with your brand. 

We utilize our retail partnerships in order to allow expansion for the clients we represent, which allows us to reach new markets that they had yet to contact! We specialize in promotional events that showcase our clients' products to a targeted audience at our retail partner locations.


  • Orlando - the hub office

  • Tampa

  • Clearwater

  • West Palm Beach

  • Jacksonville

  • Ft. Lauderdale

  • Pensacola

  • Ft. Myers

  • Celebration 

Image by Shea Rouda

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